Following are answers to some frequently asked questions.

Q: What are my co-op responsibilities?
A: There is a parent in every class, every day. You will be asked to help out in your child's class between 5-7 times a year for the younger classes and 6-9 times for the older classes, depending on the class and the number of children enrolled. Parents with more than one child in the school need not sign up for more than ten days during the school year for the combined classes. In addition, you will be asked to serve on a committee and to help with the upkeep of the classrooms and the playground.

Q: What are the class sizes and teacher/student ratios?
A: Each class has a teacher, an assistant teacher and a helping parent every day. There are twelve students in the 2's; 15 in the Tu/Th 3's; 15 each in the MWF morning 3's and afternoon 3/4's; and approximately 21 each in the morning and afternoon 4's.

Q: Does my child have to be potty-trained by a certain age?
A: No. However, our policy is to call a parent to come in to change his/her child's dirty diaper.  If your child is potty training, we are happy to help facilitate the process.